Thursday, January 10, 2008

Each day you wake up to a new beginning. Each day you turn the page of your life story and can begin to write whatever you want. Stories change and what makes any book interesting is reading how the hero makes a transition, has an epiphany, or saves the day. What’s the story of your life? Would you want to read about you? What would you want to read? What would you like to write if you could be the screenwriter of your life story? What kind of hero would you be? This year marks a new chapter in your life. With the New Year comes the opportunity to re-create yourself and the best way to do that is to find yourself.
As you look within and get more connected with who you are, you will naturally begin to discover why you were born. The more you connect with your purpose, the clearer it will be to fulfill your life purpose. As you begin fulfilling your life purpose you begin to feel more fulfilled, happy and peaceful. As you dial in on that inner connection through Shaktipat meditation the cloud of unknowing is lifted, like the fog evaporating on a sunny day. As you let more light in, everything becomes clear. Innately you already know; you have only to seek to find.
Come with me to a place where the sun always shines and God’s love is felt so deep you lose your mind. All the things your mind thinks won’t matter after you’re dead. What matters is love, and I am inviting you to make this next chapter of your life about love. About receiving love and sharing it. Not just personal love for people you love, that’s a given. I am inviting you to really love yourself. I am inviting you to stretch your capacity to love others. I invite you to forgive everyone, to drop all judgments of yourself and others. To surrender any and all negativity, and surrender to the presence of God that prodded you to read this.

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