Friday, March 7, 2008


When the change does come comes naturally as the wind blowing ....the sun shinning .... the day rising ..... the night setting.

There is just no warning but an upsurge of energy filling the whole being with intense emotions of love. Feeling love in everything that one sees. In ones being ..ones everything around. Everything seems to just beautiful. Beauty fills ones very existence.

It is the sweetest of emotions ...combined with feelings of a turbulent tide... where the waves reach for the highest tide towards the furthest shore.

It is as though one is constantly drunk - drinking the sweet wine. The very essence of intoxication is totally over powering and filling.

When the change comes it is overflowing and intoxicating.

It is just amazing.....................

O Soul, I am your body. I am thirty-six years old today.

I wish to learn from you.

"Do good."

O Soul, I am your vital. I am nineteen years old.

I want to learn from you.

"Be good."

O Soul, I am your mind. I am sixty years old.

I need to learn from you.

"See good."

O Soul, I am your heart. I am four years old.

Please tell me the secret.

"Remain good."

O Soul, your body again.

What do you do with your boundless Love?

"I distribute my boundless Love

To ever-expanding horizons."

O Soul, your vital again.

What do you do with your Infinite Peace?

"I feed the teeming vasts of the

Past, Present and Future with my Infinite Peace."

O Soul, your mind again.

What do you do with your Vision of the

Ever-transcending Beyond?

"I feather the Golden Nest of my Reality's

Infinitude with my Vision of the ever-transcending Beyond."

O Soul, once more your heart.

Tell me your absolute secret, please.

"I live for the Supreme and for the Supreme alone.

This is my Absolute Secret."

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