Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yes, Meditation is needed

oga & meditation are pretty much the only things that can bring us down from our natural state. Our natural state is high strung, slightly high maintenance, very emotional & sometimes easily upset. That sort of makes us sound like a bad person, lol. That's not really the case. We usually can hold it in & We have a great sense of humor (I think ha) but in meditation & yoga We can let it all out & breathe & stretch it away. No thoughts. No worries. LOVE IT!......

Meditation and yoga are the few things that work for us for releaving stress. Stress got so bad that at one point We ended up at the emergency room from the pain. Stress can effect many health problems in a negative way. Regular meditation works for us. We have to like to think of a babbling brook and imagine the sounds. Clear your mind.

Yes, Meditation is needed , It's very calming and allows our thoughts to flow freely from our mind and to rest in silence in our mind.

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