Wednesday, February 13, 2008

wanna be happy

We are all capable of living lives characterized by great joy. Within each of us is an amazing human spirit that is strong enough to overcome pain and disappointment. And no matter what our current situation happens to be, or what beliefs we may currently harbor about ourselves, we can tap into that inner strength and wisdom and move forward to create more joy.We are full of emotions and thoughts. Our brain is endless noisy ocean. Try to stop this noise of ocean on some seconds. Maybe, using all your will-power you will do it. But it is nothing. Because you must stop this noise of your ocean without power. Medical experts estimate that most of the people will have high blood pressure at some point in their lives. With staggering statistics like this on their minds, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh embarked on a 13-year study to see if early-life stressors impacted someone's future blood pressure levels.So how do you go about minimizing your tendency towards getting stressed? Is it even possible in today's fast paced, information-overloaded and hectic society? The answer is yes and you're about to learn how. The Only Way = Meditation Our bodies respond to meditation through three physiological systems: 1) Autonomic Nervous System 2) Endocrine System 3) Musculature System.. These systems are very tightly interconnected and therefore interdependent. The chemical changes resulting in one system often has a cascading effect over the other systems.

Learn to Meditate ---------------------------------------------------- Research indicates that meditating for less than 20 minutes a day is extremely conducive to mental health and minimizing stress levels.One of the reasons meditation is so effective at reducing stress is because of the power of breathing properly. Go ahead and try it - right now. Take a long, deep breath through your nose...hold it, hold it...Then slowly let it out through your mouth, and say to your self, silently, 'relax'. Even with that one single breath, you felt a wave of relaxation pass through your body as tension drained away. Now imagine what a session of twenty, fifteen, ten or even just five minutes per day, whatever you can manage, of deep breathing meditation or guided relaxation will do for you.The benefits of meditation are remarkable and this is not just some mystical Eastern "new age" prattle - the scientific research now proves it. One way to easily get started with meditation is with hypnosis audios. Did you know that hypnosis sessions begin by using deep breathing to induce a state of deep, deep relaxation? In fact, when you "let go" and let a hypnotherapist guide you through it, whether in person, or more conveniently by listening to audio, you automatically release tension, reduce stress and reach a deeper state of profound relaxation than any other way. The life of peace begins anew each morning. We take a breath, awaken, and receive the gift of life, the gift of the present moment. The great spiritual traditions urge us to take time each day to center ourselves in the spirit of peace. If we dare enter the solitude of peace, we will rediscover who we are, each one of us a beloved, precious child of the God of peace. It is really interesting to see just how often we lose control of our own thoughts.
And Wishes for Peace!!!!!!!!!

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